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Explore the World of Ros Wine Heritage Wine Cellars RosOerings Spring 2016 All Prices and Vintages are subject to change without notice. Please contact your Heritage Wine Cellars Sales Representative for availability. Although every effort has been made to ensure accuracy of pricing we reserve the right to change or correct any pricing errors as necessary. Heritage Wine Cellars 2016 Ltd 2016. All rights reserved. This material may not be reproduced displayed modified or distributed without the express prior written permission of the copyright holder. ecm 03 2016 Thank you for choosing Heritage Wine Cellars Ltd. We appreciate your business and will work diligently to provide you with the personal prompt and professional service you deserve. We look forward to serving you. To place your orders feel free to email us at Please include the name of your company customer account number product name varietal vintage quantity and contact information. If you have questions on pricing or deals please contact your sales representative. In order to ensure that your order will be delivered on your next delivery day please e-mail us daily before 630 PM. We are still available by phone 847-965-3625 x216. If you choose to email us instead of calling we will acknowledge receipt of your message via email reply. For Current Events Company Information and Links Please Visit our Website Connect with us 1 Ros Overview Taking into account the larger genres of wine Ros as a category has fascinatingly been the Alpha to some drinkers and the Omega to many others. Many of us that came to wine during the heyday of White Zinfandel recall the ubiquity of this sweet refreshing unstoppably popular beverage. Fast forward a decade and change and you have an emerging generation of wine drinkers that remember pink wine White Zin almost exclusively as Mom and Grandmas drink. Those that eventually find their way back to the multitude of pleasures that can be had in the great Ros wines of the world often do so after exploring Red White and sparkling wines beforehand. Dessert wines as a category candidly may lag behind even Ros in our societys overall appreciaton. Ross most ardent devotees are often its youngest. Further removed from the stigma of White Zin this is a generation that also benefits from tasting a wider variety and higher quality of Ros than was available in years past. At long last Ros is cool again We are talking of course about light red wine. Make no mistake this is precisely what Ros is. Historically speaking the first red wines were very likely much closer to Ros than anything else. Even after early pressing technology allowed for deeper extraction and darker wines these more delicate Clarets remained the preference. How do you make Pink you ask Today we have two prevailing methods of Ros production Saigne to bleed The bleeding of pink wine off of a wine destined for red wine production.This accomplishes two things. 1. Concentration of the red wine must as youre increasing the ratio of skin to juice in your vat after you Saigne bleed juice off for your rose. 2. You create a high-octane pink wine Winemakers utilizing this method may want to adjust the alcohol level and acidity of the wine as the grapes were farmed chiefly to be balanced as red wine as opposed to Ros. These can still be compelling wines when made well. Direct Press - aka il de perdrix eye of partridge aka Vin Gris Grapes are farmed and vinified for the explicit production of Ros and pressed off of their skins quickly. Tavel Cotes de Provence Bandol etc. as well as many quality producers in the New world and Old all believe that quality Ros is worth the extra effort. It makes sense right If you begin with the end in mind and your chief end is a delicate shade of salmon not an opaque purple wine youre more likely to produce a more complete delicate Ros. The pricetag may also reflect this but those producers in prestigious appellations that can likely make a lot more money by producing red wine under a parcel earmarked exclusively for Ros can represent some great great values. The reality is many of the greatest Ross in the world are made using a combination of these two methods. You farm a parcel usually cooler than is appropriate for red wine production to become the heart of your rose and add richer fruitier bass-tones with your Saigne juice from your red wine production. Cheers - Jim Bube Director of Education 2 Some of our Rose selections are limited in nature and will sell out from our Pre-Buy oerings or shortly after. Please contact your sales representative for availability. Net Net . Item List Case Bottle Champagne 22482 Ayala Brut Majeur 550 480 40.00 Chardonnay Pinot Noir and Pinot Meunier 29201 Besserat de Bellefon 6x750ml 305 240 40.16 29203 Besserat de Bellefon 12x375ml 315 264 22.00 Chardonnay Pinot Noir and Pinot Meunier 26840 Bollinger 6x750ml 480 445 74.17 28070 Bollinger Gift box 6x750ml 480 445 74.17 27115 Bollinger La Grande Annee 6x750ml 870 840 140.00 Pinot Noir Chardonnay and Pinot Meunier 13832 Dampierre 1er Cru Brut 525 500 41.67 Chardonnay and Pinot Noir 18082 Delamotte Brut 6x750ml 400 350 58.33 Chardonnay and Pinot Noir Sparkling 24912 Alma Negra Nature Mendoza Argentina 202 160 13.33 Malbec Pinot Noir 17001 Aria Pinot Noir Brut Cava Spain 138 112 9.33 28248 2009 Cesarini Sforza Tridentum Brut Italy 6x750ml 115 95 15.83 Pinot Nero 17436 Cleto Chiarli Brut Italy 138 123 10.25 Grasparossa Lambrusco and Pinot Nero 26392 2010 Ferghettina Brut 6x750ml 280 265 44.16 Chardonnay Pinot Nero 27666 German Gilabert Cava Rosat Penedes Spain 120 108 9.00 Trepat and Garnacha 88100 Jansz Brut Tasmania Australia 6x750ml 116 101 16.00 Pinot Noir Chardonnay and Pinot Meunier 15165 Charles de Fere Cuve Jean Louis France 112 96 8.00 Gamay Blanc Grenache Pinot Noir Airen and Ugni Blanc 18418 JCB No 69 Burgundy France 240 192 16.00 22739 JCB No 69 Burgundy France 6x1.5ltr 260 250 41.66 Pinot Noir 27780 2014 Kir-Yianni Akakies Amyndeon Greece 190 172 14.33 Xinomavro 3 Some of our Rose selections are limited in nature and will sell out from our Pre-Buy oerings or shortly after. Please contact your sales representative for availability. Net Net . Item List Case Bottle Sparkling cont. 14735 Louis Bouillot Perle dAurore Brut Burgundy France 250 235 19.58 Pinot Noir and Gamay 28589 Mas de Daumas Gassac Frizant Pays dHrault France 190 180 15.00 Cabernet Sauvignon 12057 Santa Julia Brut Argentina 120 96 8.00 Pinot Noir 28039 2014 Secco Italy 144 132 11.00 Raboso Piave and Pinot Noir 16305 Segura Viudas Brut Reserva Cava Spain 112 90 7.50 17002 Segura Viudas Brut Reserva Cava Spain 24x187ml 72 62 2.58 Trepat and Garnacha 14781 Varichon et Clerc Brut France 122 108 9.00 Altesse Cinsault Gamay Molette and Sciacarellu Italy 29445 2015 Cantine Caparra E Siciliani Le Formelle Calabria 6x750ml 80 65 10.83 Gaglioppo 29148 2015 Garofoli Komaros IGT avail. April 140 135 11.25 Montepulciano 29149 2015 La Valentina Cerasuolo Montepulciano Mid-March 122 102 8.50 Montepulciano Spain 29051 2015 Bodegas Ateca Honoro Vera Jumilla 96 80 6.66 Tempranillo and Syrah 26713 2014 Marques de Caceres Rioja 100 88 7.33 Tempranillo and Garnacha Tinta Greece 27174 2014 Alpha Estate Amyndeon 6x750ml 135 120 20.00 Syrah and Xinomavro 27270 2014 Kir-Yianni Akakies Amyndeon 140 126 10.50 Xinomavro 29046 2015 Zoe by Skouras Peloponnese 112 92 8.00 Agiorgitiko and Moscofilero 4 Some of our Rose selections are limited in nature and will sell out from our Pre-Buy oerings or shortly after. Please contact your sales representative for availability. Net Net . Item List Case Bottle Domestic 29324 2015 A to Z Oregon 152 126 10.50 Sangiovese 29350 2015 Alexander Valley Vineyards Sangiovese Sonoma 137 126 10.50 29833 2015 Beckmen Grenache Santa Ynez coming 180 165 13.75 29139 2015 Charles Smith Vino Washington 132 120 10.00 Sangiovese 16918 NV Domaine Serene R Willamette Valley Oregon 290 260 21.66 29509 2015 Flowers Sonoma California 336 300 25.00 Pinot Noir 27037 2014 K Vintners Washington 190 174 14.50 Syrah 29059 2015 Klinker Brick Syrah Lodi California 140 sold out 29386 2015 Long Shadows Julias Dazzle Washington 164 140 11.66 Pinot Gris and Sangiovese 29323 2015 Mason Pomelo California 128 115 9.58 Grenache and Syrah NEW 2015 Milbrandt Traditions Syrah Columbia Valley Washington 124 98 8.17 29358 2015 Ponzi Pinot Noir Willamette Valley Oregon 200 180 15.00 South Africa 25433 2014 Goats do Roam Western Cape 108 80 6.66 Shiraz Grenache Gamay Noir and Mourvdre Australia 28864 2015 Yalumba Y Series Sangiovese Barossa 122 102 8.50 5 Region Some of our Rose selections are limited in nature and will sell out from our Pre-Buy oerings or shortly after. Please contact your sales representative for availability. Net Net . Item List Case Bottle Austria 28153 2014 Pratch Organic 124 104 8.75 29425 2015 Pratch Organic KEG 1x20L 200 Net 7.50 Sankt Laurent Blauburger Zweigelt and Pinot Noir France 28926 2015 Chateau Miraval Cotes de Provence 250 225 18.75 28927 2015 Chateau Miraval Cotes de Provence 6x1.5Ltr 260 240 40.00 Cinsault Grenache Syrah and Rolle 29471 2015 Couly-Dutheil Rene Couly Chinon 190 120 10.00 Cabernet Franc 29368 2015 Domaine Delaporte Sancerre 250 240 20.00 Pinot Noir 27429 2014 E. Guigal Cotes-du-Rhone 150 130 10.83 Grenache Syrah and Cinsault 26112 2013 E. Guigal Tavel 210 190 15.83 Grenache Cinsault Clairette and Syrah 24125 2014 Fortant Coast Select Grenache 112 96 8.00 28542 2015 Moulin de Gassac Guilhem Pays dHrault 112 96 8.00 Syrah and Carignan 24129 2013 JCB N 5 Cotes de Provence 204 160 13.33 Grenache Carignan and Syrah 26437 2014 La Vieille Ferme 90 72 6.00 Cinsault Grenache and Syrah 26678 2014 Le Charmel 130 115 9.58 Syrah Cinsault Mourvdre Grenache and Rolle 27617 2014 Orin Swift Fragile Maury 185 160 13.33 Grenache Syrah and Cinsault Importers Distributors of Fine Wine Since 1981 6600 W.Howard Street NilesIL 60714 847.965.3625