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Along with our mission to pride ourselves with one of the best educated and most service oriented Sales Force in the market we place strong emphasis on providing our valued customers with further education and sales support. Our accomplished Sales Representatives provide staff trainings and tastings and we host several annual Trade Events, tastings and showcases. Highlight of every year is our annual gala which brings winemakers and principals to Chicago to meet and educate our customers. These valued added services reinforce our close relationships with our customers and reassure our suppliers that their message is communicated all the way to the consumer.


Chardonnay Creamy and tropical in California, chiseled and mineral-laden in Burgundy. She’s can be a lover of oak and is characterized by tart to baked apples, toffee, vanilla and is a remarkable conduit to the soils in which she’s grown.

Sauvignon Blanc Grapefruit, Lime and Passionfruit allied with a characteristic grassiness defines this citrus-bomb of a grape. Crisp, refreshing and salad-y in a good way.

Riesling An acid-lover’s white grape, this is a riot of fruit spanning everything from the most tart grapefruit to exotic pineapple and apricot. The slate soils of Germany are her motherland, she grew up in Alsace and has been vacationing heavily in Columbia Valley, Washington as of late. Riesling makes the sweetest and driest wines in the world.

Cabernet Sauvignon The “king” of red grapes, when well done, is regal thing. Cassis and plum with a savory, herbaceous edge allying an occasionally rubenesque figure with a very refined texture. Great Bordeaux and great Napa, Kids. Bear witness!

Syrah The peppery, dank, dark animal-y Syrah. What’s not to love? British scholar and wine writer George Saintsbury described the great Syrah of Hermitage as the “Manliest wine” he’d ever drunk. From Australia to California to the Rhone, these are some of the great, unheralded, wines of the world.

Pinot Noir In the minds of many, Pinot Noir is the world’s most noble grape in its ability to deliver intense flavor and complexity on a frame of beguiling delicacy. One of the most entrancing, sensual, humbling wine drinking experiences one can hope to have is a great bottle of Pinot Noir.