The legacy of Mr. Gerald Hirsch; A man of great passion and integrity.

Gerald Hirsch was a unique man who really was as simple as he was complex.

He had a unique and sincere appreciation for all aspects related to our industry: From the people to the viniculture to winemaking technology to the trade and to wine and food as way of life.


There wasn’t any aspect of what the wine industry entails that wasn’t of incredible importance to Gerald Hirsch. Whether it was the subject of viticulture, enology, history, the restaurant and retail trade, and most of all the great personalities, it was all important to Mr. Hirsch. Any type of wine industry related event was an arena of joy to him. Any place he could talk to people about the industry and wine was ideal for him. Mr Hirsch loved to learn as much as he could. He read countless books and magazine articles and travelled. Even more than learning, he loved to talk about what he knew to anyone that would listen.

Mr. Hirsch had a driving need to share his passion with everybody he could touch from any aspect of the business. He loved the opportunity to stand behind a table and talk to consumers. He loved working in a retail store. He absolutely loved each and every opportunity to be a guest on WGN Roy Leonard show and speak before a group of consumers or trade, whether at a convention side or trade event. Mr. Hirsch loved the opportunity to lecture students attending wine appreciation classes at various universities, most notable Cornell University. Educating and informing others of what he had consumed was Mr. Hirsch’s ultimate pleasure.

It was Gerald Hirsch’s utmost fortune to be able to work in an industry that was his greatest passion and personal interest. He was a colorful man whose presence was inspiring, informative, educational and memorable. To experience him stand at the head of a meeting or simply sitting behind his desk, to listen to him left anybody knowing they had encountered a unique person.

Gerald Hirsch was intrigued about everything that went into the creation of wine on all levels, but perhaps most passionate about the great people he was so proud to have known. He loved the wonderful associations and dear friends that meant so much to him. His life was full of close industry associations from the local and national trade to the great winemaking families in the world.