Moment In Wine History-Valdeorras

Dave McCormack

By: Dave McCormack; V.P. Director Key Accounts

With so many growing regions, how do you choose just one?

Valdeorras could quite frankly be the most unique growing region in the world. The combination of slate and quartz soils, the 2 climates that collide creating something so unique it’s almost impossible to duplicate. Overcoming the phylloxera epidemic where vineyards where abandoned for over 200 years. Bringing back the indigenous varietals planted by the Romans, pre-Christians and the Celts long ago completes the circle of what it used to be.

Dave MIWH Infographic

The subsequent wine is splendid. Imagine multifaceted, timeless wines unlike anything else in north-eastern Spain! Praise and critical approval have been nothing short of wide spread when it comes to wine from this region. This notoriety has allowed this wine to find a huge fan base of wine enthusiasts all over the world. Valdeorras produces some of the most exquisite wine in all of Spain making this region a tried and true gem.