Our Way

All of us at Heritage Wine Cellars take tremendous pride in our way of doing business. You’ll see this pride in all departments, teams and divisions.

Sales Force
For more than thirty years our sales team has maintained the reputation as one of the best educated and most service oriented in the market. Our Sales Representatives are among the most experienced and respected in the industry not only because Wine Education is a vital part of our weekly sales meetings. Our Director of Education leads regular training sessions to deepen our staff’s knowledge of industry trends, product knowledge, tastings and service. Additionally, our Sales force and management participates in countless winery visits to all parts of the world.

Our operations team has been providing outstanding customer service for more than 30 years. During regular office hours every customer order call is answered by one of our outstanding live team members, some of them have been with us since the day we started business. In times when many companies replace their receptionists with advanced phone and voicemail solutions we choose personal over virtual. Part of our operations department is our in-house purchasing team which handles not only purchasing but also custom clearing and logistics to ensure our products arrive not only timely but also with uninterrupted quality and temperature control.

Marketing & Administrative Services
The Marketing & Administrative Services Teams have grown tremendously over the past decade enabling us to constantly evaluate and drive our business. The Administrative Services team supports our Executives, Brand Managers and Sales Force. Our full fledged Marketing Team is supported by our in-house graphic designer who designs all of our creative work.

Downstate Division
Our satellite location in Bloomington covers the downstate market. The 12,000 square feet temperature controlled facility supports our down state sales division and services our downstate customers. We pride ourselves to be able to service the entire state of Illinois.

Merchandising Division
Heritage Wine Cellars has always been regarded a fine wine house distributing abonnement wines. Never the less, we have always been able to successfully place and merchandize our high traffic brands in the grocery, convenience and club universe. In spring of 2008 we created a full flagged merchandising division lead by our chain division manager. Over the past 6 years this division has grown steady to meet today’s needs and to support future requirements.

Warehouse and Fleet
To ensure that our products are handled with the attention they deserve we operate our own warehouses and handle in and outbound freight ourselves.

Our product handling is fully temperature controlled. Inbound freight as well as delivery trucks are insulated to protect our product. We warehouse in two locations: 100,000 square feet temperature controlled warehouse space in Niles and 12,000 square feet temperature controlled warehouse space in Bloomington. Our main warehouse in Niles is operated around the clock in three shifts. The Heritage Wine Cellars fleet consists of 13 refrigerated trucks operated by Heritage Wine Cellars drivers.